About Us

Providing the best you can get. Free.

DropSignal project is an online radio providing epic chill tracks from the most promising producers out there! Since 11.11.2011.

The radio is playing on the website even if you are using a smarthphone, please wait a moment and hit that play button!

APP Android/iOS

Watch on YouTube


  1. Open the smarthphone browser.
  2. Go to Options (Right side, three dots).
  3. Select "Add to Home screen".
  4. Now you can put the icon wherever you want.


Facebook B-Zone Community

B-Zone is one of the oldest gaming communities in Romania, starting with the most popular SA-MP servers, here you can find almost any game and other entertaining sources.

Facebook Radio Coxet

Coxet is our brother. Here you can find the best Trap Music from Romania. #Moka